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Edgecoin bank has been created to bring a twist to traditional finance with an innovative payment gateway offering its users a fast and seamless payment system, Edgecoin bank allows its users to deposit Edgecoin and Gradecoin to digital wallets. Blockchain technology is the future of the internet and world economics, with Edgecoin Bank being a prime example of the power of blockchain. Edgecoin Bank promises to provide a global payment system, money transfers, settlement solutions and other services all powered through a fiat-backed stablecoin Edgecoin (EDGT). Edgecoin will function as a secure global currency solution on the blockchain. Edgecoin has been created to defeat the traditional banking system by providing all users with faster, more secure and cheaper transaction rates for global and international transactions. Settling transactions at the same speed of the internet making Edgecoin bank stand out from its competitors. Our goal is to be as transparent with our customers as possible and continue building Edgecoin bank to be one of the most established platforms open to the public.


The world’s centralized currencies have been overly controlled by banks and governments for centuries. Opening bank accounts can be extremely time consuming and quite a nuisance, people are faced with long transaction speeds, transaction limits, huge fees, cross-border transfer limits and withdrawal limits, this takes the control of their account’s out of their hands. The conventional banking system is not a match for the growing space of the digital world. Cross-border transactions take days to make, and that too with a huge fee. Banks do not operate on weekends, if you have a business transaction due, it might require more time and fees unlike Edgecoin bank.

Edgecoin bank is a Blockchain banking platform that is completely transparent offering highly secure payments. Edgecoin Bank is the fastest-growing digital bank, assisting customers in more than 120 countries to manage their crypto and conventional payments in a matter of seconds. Edgecoin Bank offers speedy services, the highest security and transparency to all businesses and individuals so they can participate in a new digital asset banking system. Edgecoin, the fiat-backed stablecoin, functions as the native utility token of the Edgecoin bank ecosystem. Edgecoin alleviates the problems inherent in unregulated and non-fiat-backed stablecoins. As a stablecoin, Edgecoin represents a significant advancement in digital assets, leveraging the infrastructure, regulatory oversight, and currency stability of the conventional financial system while operating with the speed and efficiency of the internet. Edgecoin is pegged to the U.S. dollar via an anchor platform that is linked and connected to our bank account, the advantages of this brings more stability and trust into our concept unlike stable coins that use algorithms. Edgecoin offers a payment method that is immediate, risk-free, and available to users in every region of the world.


Our mission is to take Edgecoin Bank to new heights by offering our customers an innovative, Eco-friendly, secure space where they can not only find everything they need to buy but also find any updated information. Edgecoin Bank envisions adding ease of access to cryptocurrency with extremely fast and secure transactions with the same speed as the internet. Edgecoin Bank endeavors to provide a platform where ordinary people, along with affluent investors, can also invest in the welfare of people all over the world. As a better alternative for people to invest in, Edgecoin is an innovative way to boost Individuals of the world, Small Businesses, and large Corporations. The goal is to create an immutable, transparent, secure, and asset-backed accessible Payment solution on the blockchain.


Community Stability

We believe our community is the most valued asset of Edgecoin bank. We want our community to believe in and support our project by receiving regular updates through our trusted Edgecoin Community Channels. We aim to take our audience on a trip from idea to completion, answering queries and questions with our support team operating 24/7 as well as guiding and assisting our customers with any help they need.


With crystal-defined objectives, and a face for each member of our fantastic and ever-growing team and trackable accounts displaying what we spend through our development wallet, unlike some cryptocurrency projects, we aim to be as transparent with our customers as possible. Our aim is to build healthy relationships and trust with our users so we can continue to grow and reach our goals as a company and community.


Our community-gated approach, coupled with our unique ecosystem will result in the fairest and most transparent economy that has ever been seen in the digital world. We pride ourselves with being transparent, banking with Edgecoin bank allows you to track and trace every transaction you make, allowing you to verify transactions being completed without third parties disputing transactions not being received.


Edgecoin operates on the stellar blockchain which has passed many tests and checks for security breaches on its network, by Edgecoin using the stellar blockchain creates a significantly secure payment system for its users.


The crypto market is growing at an amazing 12.2 percent CAGR, with Bitcoin growing at nearly double the rate. The widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies has piqued the interest of governments and institutions. According to the data, crypto is increasing at a rate of 113 percent per year in terms of users, whereas the internet is only growing at a rate of 63 percent. Even if usage grows at a 63 percent annual rate, it will reach 4 billion users by 2030 or earlier.


Online Banking:

Edgecoin bank has been created to help users have an easier, seamless & secure experience whilst using the banking platform, users can send and receive funds and store their digital assets, Edgecoin bank is a user-friendly based gateway that strives for fast and secure transactions. Securing the process of moving funds & EDGT/ GRTC around the globe. All users must pass KYC while signing up to use Edgecoin bank, this prevents fraud and money laundering - when all users have passed all the necessary checks within signing up to use our gateway you will be able to use our digital wallet to store your Edgecoin & Gradecoin within in our infrastructure alongside using our staking program, From buying crypto with multiple payment options to spending it like fiat with no limitations. Easy integration, detailed reporting, invoicing options, easy and interactive interface is all a user can ask for. Edgecoin Bank, therefore, becomes an attraction for individuals and corporate businesses looking for the next level of upgrade they desire. Edgecoin Bank requires users to pass KYC in order to prevent fraud, and money laundering. Once the KYC is completed, users will have 24/7 access to our services from anywhere in the world.

Edgecoin Savings Account:

If you deposit fiat in Edgecoin Bank, you can still earn passive income through our Edgecoin Bank Savings account. Depositing crypto or fiat to your account gives exclusive access to Edgecoin Staking protocols where you will be rewarded with Gradecoin. Edgecoin Bank currently supports the Euro, GBP USD, and AED deposits.

The Savings account rewards are distributed after 30 days of depositing your amount in the savings account.

Edgecoin Bank Cards

Edgecoin bank provides its users with 3 different bank cards to choose from when they sign up. Our growing community members will be able to choose one of three bank cards. Each bank card comes with three different types of rewards. Users will be able to spend their Edgecoin on any Visa or Mastercard merchandise machines. The advantages of using the Edgecoin Bank card include lower banking transaction fees and cash-back rewards with our Defi fluctuating token Gradecoin. All users will be able to spend their Edgecoin on Visa cards and receive Gradecoin as a cashback reward. The benefits of using the cards will vary depending on which tier you choose, either the blue card, the silver card or the black platinum card, each comes with different amounts of percentage.

Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet

The multi-functional Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet is exclusively available to the Edgecoin community that passed the KYC. The Edgecoin Digital Wallet users will be able to store crypto assets and make payments like any web3 wallet. The gated access makes it easier for us to mitigate money laundering and defrauding attempts.


Gradecoin will be issued as an incentive for holding Edgecoin. The more Edgecoin one holds the more Gradecoin one will receive as a staking reward. The Gradecoin tokens are distributed to holders of Edgecoins according to their proportion of holdings in relation to all other holders of Edgecoin. The price of Gradecoin continues to rise as market forces drive up demand for it, which in turn drives up the price as more people begin to use it. Edgecoin holders will be able to trade Gradecoin on the Defi market just like any other token. The Gradecoin's tokenomics are designed in such a way that its value grows organically over time.


The world is moving to a digital society and the banking sector is no exception. Edgecoin is a decentralized crypto bank that offers conventional banking services as well as Blockchainbased financial services. We are not only revolutionizing the banking system but also making it more accessible to everyone. With the help of Edgecoin, you can make fiat transactions with minimal fees, and use our bank cards to withdraw money from ATMs, but hold on – there’s more. Compared to debit and credit cards, wire transfers, and BACS payments, Edgecoin transactions have much lower transaction fees. Edgecoin is a private and safe cryptocurrency that maintains the anonymity of the investor's assets without sacrificing security. Edgecoin is far more secure than other record-keeping systems because, thanks to blockchain, each new transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction. Edgecoin’s mission is to become the world’s most accessible bank for everyone, no matter their social, economic, or geographical status. Edgecoin's higher value is due to its ease of access. An internet connection and a smart device are all you need to have the bank at your fingertips.











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Ecosystem (30%)
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Development & Growth (3%)
Team (1%)


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We strive for all our customers to have a positive banking experience with us, with a relationship built on trust and transparency