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Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet

Edgecoin Bank Digital Wallet was created for all the
Edgecoin users to facilitate the storage of your
Edgecoin and Gradecoin.

Store your Digital assets and your fiat currency in one place

Edgecoin Bank's digital wallet is your all-in-one solution for managing all your financial assets. Whether you have digital assets or fiat currency, our wallet supports USD, GBP, EUR, and AED, allowing you to manage your money in the currency of your choice. Store and transact securely with your digital assets like Edgecoin and Gradecoin, while also seamlessly managing your fiat currency without multiple wallets. Our wallet enables you to view your account balance, transaction history in real-time, receive instant notifications for all transactions, and transfer your assets to other users with ease.
Dhs 5,000

100 Edgt


Digital Wallet